Products and Services

General Vehicle Tracking
Our GPS vehicle tracking system and solution allows you to track an unlimited number of objects in real time, get specific notifications, generate reports and much more.
Vehicle tracking systems make it possible to have an instantaneous and history tracking of vehicle speeds, the routes they followed, stopping points, idling, reporting etc. via the AutoTrack mobile Apps, SMS or email.

Camera Monitoring
AutoTrackCam, with tracking facilitation, provides a sense of safety to tanker lorries and fleet operators by not only location monitoring but also by providing live streaming of visuals.
Tracking video camera systems can be a lifesaver, when you have a fleet to manage. Having an in dash video recorder can save your business money by fighting crash-for-cash scams and providing evidence for insurance companies. Video footage means you will experience faster claim processing, reduced insurance prmeiums and IRS savings through safety equipment deductions.

Construction Site Monitoring
GPS helmet is a specially designed and engineered GPS tracking device with safety helmet combined. It is widely used in construction sites, like roads and bridges, electric power, iron towers, industrial and mining, etc. The advantage of GPS safety helmet is it does not only provide safety to head, but also give the management a monitor of the workers working at remote areas. In case of any emergency, instant help can be offered to reduce loss and casualties.

School Asset Tracking
AutoTrackSmart’s student tracking system is based on RFID, GPRS and GPS technology to ensure children’s safety on and off campus.
It will all be done for the children’s protection and efficient means of dealing with teen crime. With the AutoTrackSmart’s real-time School bus GPS Tracking System and Student Location Tracking, wards are safe all time.

Cold Chain Solutions
Cold chain monitoring refers to using internet of things (IoT) technology to continually monitor temperature-sensitive products being transported in a “cold chain”—that is, a supply chain of perishable and/or temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, biologics, food and beverages. Without proper monitoring, suboptimal conditions during transport and storage can damage the quality of these products. This can put people’s health and safety at risk and potentially damage a company’s brand, customer loyalty and bottom line.

Fuel/Diesel Tracking
Our state-of-the-art fuel probes and fuel flow meters continuously measure and report on fuel levels, fuel dispensed, fuel added, fuel stolen alerts, consumption etc, both in static and mobile fuel tanks.